Terroir – Altavins

The land, the vineyard and the climate

The D.O. Terra Alta has a spectacular landscape typical of the interior Mediterranean. The soil contains varied textures, with a good drainage, rich in calcareous rocks and poor in organic matter.

It is a land of vines, between 350 and 550 m above sea level, where the flat, the plateau and the valleys stand out. Characterized by a dry Mediterranean climate, with low rainfall -between 350 and 450 mm / year-, it has abundant insolation and two dominant winds, the Mistral, which comes from the interior and the Libeccio or sea wind.

Our viticulture vocation gives rise to a peculiar viticulture, respectful with the environment and that allows the production of a grape with its own identity. The D.O. Terra Alta, is a privileged area for obtaining a healthy and mature fruit with character.

The dry water regime makes possible the low incidence of fungal diseases and allows the development of a more sustainable viticulture, and the Mistral, which continues blowing during September, allows the natural maturation of the grape to the vine. Also, the sudden changes in temperature from day to night during the ripening of the grape helps us to extract the greatest number of aromas and tastes of the varieties.