The land

A long history


The landscape of Terra Alta D.O. is both breathtaking and typical of the Mediterranean Interior. The earth is made up of a variety of textures, is well-drained, rich in lime and contains low levels of organic matter.

This land of vineyards is between 350 and 550 m above sea level, and is characterised by plains, high plateaux and valleys. It enjoys a dry Mediterranean climate with little rain (between 350 and 450 mm/year), has abundant sunlight, and is influenced by two prevailing winds - the Cierzo, which arrives from the Ebro Valley, and the "Garbi" or sea wind.

Our vocation is for a special type of viticulture which respects the environment and produces a grape with a distinctive identity. Terra Alta D.O. is blessed with grapes that are healthy, mature and full of character. Because of the lack of rain, there is very little fungal disease, and so we can employ more sustainable practices, and the Cierzo (which is still blowing throughout September) allows the grapes to ripen naturally on the vine.

Additionally, the nature of the soil provides our grapes with an exceptionally high concentration of minerals, and the considerable temperature changes between night and day while the grapes are ripening maximises the aromas and flavours of our varieties.